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Expertise, experience, passion.


Sharon is an internationally acclaimed expert and master teacher of Active Analysis—a radical rehearsal technique created by Stanislavsky and named by his protégé, Maria Knebel, whose influence was second only to his. Founder of the Stanislavsky Institute for the 21st Century, Sharon promotes Active Analysis as “a living legacy, because it fosters dynamic acting for today’s evolving forms of dramatic storytelling as surely as for the classics.”

“Enthusiastic”, “generous”, “inspiring”, “deeply knowledgeable” and above all, “transformative” are words that Sharon’s students use to describe her teaching.

“Groundbreaking” and “accessible” as an author, Sharon combines experience in acting with “forensic skill” in research to speak to actors and scholars with equal authority.

Come join a Studio or experimental project! Experience Active Analysis as a living and evolving legacy for dynamic acting!


Active Analysis turns the usual way that actors rehearse inside out. Instead of first memorizing lines, actors explore the interactive dynamics of a story by means of improvisations, called etudes. As actors test the actions and counteractions that tell the story, they come to need their lines. In short, Active Analysis paradoxically steps away from a text in order to learn it. It is analysis because actors analyze the play by exploring its interactive options through their etudes. It is active because, from the first rehearsal to the last performance, actors are on their feet, actively engaging with each other and with the text. Active Analysis is also holistic because the etudes help actors activate all aspects of themselves simultaneously—mind, body, and spirit. Thus, Active Analysis produces dynamic performances and actors who are flexible, spontaneous, and imaginative.