Sharon Marie Carnicke | Master Classes & Lectures
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Master Classes & Lectures

Sharon will be offering Master Classes on Active Analysis for The National Alliance for Acting Teachers in June 2017. The classes are open to college teachers of acting through the Teacher Development Program.


Come experience the evolving legacy of Stanislavsky’s last rehearsal technique, Active Analysis. Sharon will introduce participants to its principles and practice through a variety of dramatic texts.


A GREAT OPPORTUNITY is coming, April 6-8, 2018, at University of California, Riverside–


THE S WORD: A Practical Laboratory (co-sponsored by the Stanislavski Centre, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance) will offer 3 intensive workshops on acting, including one by Sharon Marie Carnicke. Booking will open on August 1, 2017; $200 for applicants, $75 for students.


Stanislavsky’s Active Analysis for Twenty-First Century Actors: Be Flexible, Sharon’s lecture for the 2016 International Symposium on Stanislavski: The S Word is available through Digital Theatre Plus by subscription.


“In my remarks, I do not serve up a tasty tidbit of lost historical information about Stanislavsky. Rather, I speak to you as a theatre practitioner, who feels passionately that his last rehearsal technique fosters the flexibility that today’s actors need to work in new media and performance styles that Stanislavsky could not have imagined within his lifetime. In short, I want to reframe his work as a living legacy.”