Sharon Marie Carnicke | The Studios
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The Studios

Modeled on the laboratories in which Stanislavsky developed his System, each Studio teaches Active Analysis and investigates an issue or technique of importance to contemporary acting.


  • Sessions are conducted by Sharon Marie Carnicke.
  • Studios meet weekly, generally on Monday evenings, in the LA area.
  • Members are selected by interview and audition.
  • Auditions for the Studios are held periodically during the year. Contact us to learn about upcoming audition opportunities.


No one other than Sharon teaches Active Analysis in the United States with full authority. Fluent in Russian and experienced as a director and actor, Sharon learned Stanislavsky’s methods in Moscow from transcripts of his last classes, from his assistant Maria Knebel, and from other prominent Russian masters, who personally worked with him and Knebel.



Geo Sargent and Rose Leisner

OPEN HOUSE on March 26, 2018 at 8 pm




  • Join the members of Studio 6 for a collage of scenes about American family, politics and economic class.
  • Rehearsed through Active Analysis.
  • Performed by Louisa Abernathy, Francesca Calvo, Liliana Carillo, Keith Day, Shari Greene, Grigor Panosyan, Sargis Panosyan, Hannah Pierce, Rose Leisner, and Geo Sargent.
  • Hosted by Sharon Marie Carnicke.
  • Doors open at 7:45 pm.


The American Legion Hall in Eagle Rock
2109 Merton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90041
(Just off Colorado Blvd and Eagle Rock Blvd.)


For more, contact Sharon.

!!!  NEWS FLASH–Sharon will be available on Monday evenings in 2018 for PRIVATE COACHING !!!

!!!  For appointments, rates, and more information, contact Sharon !!!